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5 Things That Makes Your Magick Hit

So back in Jan-Feb, I made a blog post about "Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Week: Witchy Edition". I wanted add to that, so consider this part two and if you haven't read that post then please do so, you won't be disappointed😉

When doing any type of work, consider the timing of WHEN you perform the ritual and what element/directions, you choose to work with in order to make sure that it is accepted. When I began doing spells before I knew better, I would just do them without considering the "when" part of it. So I wanted to share a few things with you.

1.) Moon phases: There are 8 moon phases. New moon, waxing crescent, first quarter, waxing gibbous, full Moon, waning gibbous, last quarter, waning crescent. All of these holds a specific energy that you can harness for that period of time. Rule of thumb, if you can't do a ritual on a specific day remember that the energy has a shadow period and that is 3 days before and after the phase(New/Full moon). So keep this in mind when planning to do any manifesting, hexing(laying tricks) or protection work, etc. There has been a big debate on whether or not you should manifest during a full moon. Me personally, I reserve that for new moons. Remember that your practice is yours, if spirit moves you to do a specific ritual during a certain time, do it. Keep track of its successes and failures. One last thing, "Wax On"-bring about/"Wan Off"- Remove. 

2.)Planetary Hours: My fav!! So, each hour holds a specific energy too!! So this kinda goes hand in hand with the day correspondences, so let's combine this. As mentioned, each day of the week is associated with a specific planet. Example: Monday=The Moon,Planetary hours 8am-9:30a, 4:40-5:45p, 11:20p-12:10a. So for example, If I wanted to do a ritual that involved communicating with spirits or spirituality, I need to either do it during the full moon, on a Monday or during the "witching hours". This way, I know for a fact that my ritual will hit the way that I need it to. Keep in mind that when I created  some of the bath salts, the rituals will require you to release herbs or bath water at a certain hour towards a certain direction......

3.) Cardinal Directions: If you've ever watched, The Craft Movie, you've seen them call on the watchtowers or the North, South, East and West. Same as the time, day and hour, each direction governs over a certain element (water, fire, air,earth), season AND energy! Keep in mind the hemisphere(north  USA/south-Australia) that you're in though...this had me stuck for a bit and caused me to set up my altar wrong😂Always bring up your compass app on your phone! So here is a easy guide to follow:

North:Earth, Manifesting, Winter, New Moon 

East:Air,Ideas,Spring,Waxing Moon

South:Fire,Action,Summer,Full Moon

West:Water, Spirit, Fall,Waning Moon

4.)Color Correspondences: If you know, you know! This was one of the first things I studied when I decided to go deeper into the rabbit hole! The funny thing is, I'm still scratching the surface and I thought I plummeted!😂🙃 When it comes to colors, you want to remember this rule of thumb, if you don't have a specific color, white subs them all!Here are some colors and their general correspondences...just to name a few.

Black-Banishing,Protection, Hex/Curse,Transformation


Brown-Justice, Court Cases,Practical Matters,Balance

Green- Money,Career, Business,Self love,Growth

Orange-New Opportunities, New Beginnings, Change of Plans, Encouragement,Courage, Ambition

Pink-Friendship, Self Love, Nurturing, Healing Grief, Beauty

Purple-Empowerment, Controlling,Mastery Power, Psychic Abilities, Spirituality,Wisdom, Divination

Red- Passion, Love,Romance, Attraction,Magnetism, Willpower,Lust

White-Cleansing,Clarity, Blessing, Divine Connection/Ancestors, Consecrate,Truth

Yellow-Optimism, Self-Esteem, Intellect, Knowledge, Learning,Success

So, now that you have the tools, use them! I will also include a few resources that's helped me below:


Planetaro(planetary Hours)

Moon Phase


The Book of Candle Magic-Madam Pamita

Mama Moon's Book of Magic- Semra Haksever


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