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5 Things To Jumpstart Your Healing

If you haven't hit a breaking point in your life yet, this blog post will help usher you to a place of peace when you hit a fork in the road. So whether you're in your 30's having a midlife crisis or in your 20's struggling to find your purpose in life, this will help you along the way.

These 5 things helped me to find peace and acceptance in my life. Even the hard parts weren't too difficult for me to overcome because I had developed the proper tools at the right time in order to cope with what was to come. Mind you, this isn't necessarily in any particular order with the exception of #1. 

1.) Acceptance- Becoming at peace with how your life is at the current moment, your role in your life and how you manifested it is apart of the process. You have to understand that, whether or not you are happy with your life, you have the final say so as to how you will move forward. Allowing past transgressions to dictate your future, especially when you have no way of correcting it is a recipe for disaster! 

2.) Mediation- When people say meditate, we immediately think yoga mat, stretch pants, avocado toast and alkaline water!😂(that was a partial joke)! Meditation can be you going for a walk in nature, sitting and listening to your favorite songs(not so much trap music boo😂), or even doing breathe work as you listen to soothing mediative music. Sitting with yourself and allowing whatever happens come to pass, helps you to relinquish so much control and allow flow to come into the equation. This plays a major part in how you learn to work with spirit. When you become more relaxed and accepting, you will begin to see visions in your minds eye and become more susceptible to downloads.

3.) Journaling- When people think of journaling, some may see it as stupid. In actuality, journaling is a way to voice and express yourself. Writing out your truest emotions helps you to be more aware of self and it allows you to stand in your truth and own it. Even the moments that you weren't so proud of, it allows you to be human and learn to give yourself grace.

4.) Ancestral Veneration- Your ancestors are pivotal in your healing journey. It's not just you that is healing, when you heal, so does your bloodline! Be receptive to their guidance and listen. They help to guide your feet as well!

5.) Tarot Cards- I know not everyone is comfortable with tarot cards. It took me a moment to decolonize my mind when it came to understanding tarot and how it worked, symbolism and all. Once I did that, I began to see and understand things from a spiritual perspective and how it can collide with the physical. If tarot isn't your jam, you may be called to dreamwork, bibliomancy, or other forms of tools. Understand that these are just conduits, spirit speaks in many ways!

I am a person that is big on using your resources! Below are a few that I offer to help you along the way!

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