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Ancestors As Your Guide

When I began my witchy path, I didn't quite understand where my magick came from. I went through the first half of it all reading my tarot cards and getting downloads. Then eventually I became acquainted with my ancestors.

The purpose of this post is to advise that your ancestors have an important role to play in your life, if you allow them to. They have the power to lead you down different spiritual paths and introduce you to people that will assist you in walking in the same steps that they did spiritually.

In my latest podcast episode( I will link it), I speak on how ex-acquaintances placed a curse on me and others. As well as how I was led to an old mentor of mine. All of the things that occurred no matter how messed up it was, it still played a part in my path. Now, you may ask, "well, why didn't your ancestors protect you?". To that I'll say, they will only allow for so much mess and they will only interfere when they are supposed to, as I requested. 

These interactions that I had led me to be more protective of myself, aware, trusting of self more and it introduced me to an ancestor that had many tricks up both sleeves if you get my drift?! Your ancestors become apart of your life at the time when you need them most, just like how your god/dess would be. I believe that one thing has to happen, in order for other events to occur.

I heard recently that when you walk this path, you have to work your way upward, spiritually, I couldn't agree more! I'll explain. So if you are just starting out your witchy path, you won't immediately begin working with a goddess/god on an advanced or intermediate level. You would slowly begin with giving offerings(devotee), ancestral work and self healing. There is a reason for this! Its not to deny you of an important relationship but to more so prepare you for that said relationship! As it will require more of you! YOU CAN'T GIVE FROM AN EMPTY VESSEL!!

At this time, I am in no rush, I am a forever student. I am ok with being a student until the right time. Do I know of rituals and works that can be done working with different ancestors and spirits? Of course but there is a time and place for everything. I only do things that speak to me in that moment. Thats called trusting your spirit and spirit(s)!

So with all that being said, I appreciate the people that I've met that led me to the place that I am in now. Whether they caused me hell or otherwise because regardless, I am in the place that I am supposed to be in, at the moment I was supposed to be in it!

I have so much that I plan to release soon and much more, just from craziness that occurred(how bizarre!)

For podcast link, click here!

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