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Blessing Your Deck

One thing to know is that your tarot, oracle or playing deck isn't just a set of cards. It's an extension of you, a conduit for communication between yourself and your spirits. A liason for divine get the picture! :) You treat your deck with the respect that you would treat a guest in your home and you welcome it into your space with a blessing ritual! When looking for a deck, you don't just pick up a "random" deck.You choose a deck that screams," Hey, you know you see me, pick me!" That is when you meet "them" for the first time. Think of your deck as an acquaintance until you pick it up and get a feel for it. Once chosen, that's when you decide to "go steady" so to speak.(Note: there are many ways to bless your deck, this is ONE way to do it)

This post will show you how to bless YOUR deck and build that sacred relationship with it. Now first things first, you will need the following......

A white candle

Incense (preferably frankincense/myrrh) or Sage

Salt(I have a special blend for decks)


Meditative Music (I recommend 432hz-music helps to set the mood for a calming/welcoming environment)

Now let's begin.....

1.) Cleanse yourself and your space

2.)Spread your deck out on a table/altar space so all cards are visible( In a fanning formation)

3.)Take a moment to breathe and call forth your spiritual team. 

4.)Throw the salt on your deck and say: "I cleanse, I renew, I protect"

*Light your white candle*

5.)Since your team is present with you, declare to them and the universe:

"I ask that the universe/God, the power of the moon, and my ancestors bless me and this deck. These honor you, I honor you. I ask for guidance, wisdom, truth and clarity. I ask for the courage and strength to make changes should I or anyone else I may share your wisdom with, need to.

*Light your Incense and pick up the deck*

6.)Pass the deck through the smoke then declare:

"I dedicate this deck to my greatest and highest good"

Now say (Ase'/So be it/And so it is/Amen/So mote it be...)"-whatever resonates..

7.)Afterwards, you have the option to begin using it or you can charge it for about 20 minutes with selenite. This is optional. You should however, take a moment to get to know your deck by looking at each image and bonding with them. Feel each image and make your associations with them to better understand its energy and message.

Happy Reading!💖

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