Cosmic Bath Collection Instructions - Moonstone Energy

Cosmic Bath Collection Instructions

To begin, I'll share some knowledge and something ¬†that my ancestors shared with me during the testing stages of the bath salts. They said" When taking a spiritual bath, you are bathing in those intentions. You are living in that petition,which means you are spiritually and physically embodying what you are divinely destined to do!....deep right?!ūü•į(love them). These baths are a true labor of love. These baths have aided me many a time and when I leave the bath, its not the same way that I came! I hope that you get all that you need in these baths!


Crystal Magick: 

Crystals come from the earth and can harness powerful energy. If you practice animism, all living things including plants, herbs and even crystals have a spirit. When working with crystals to herbs in your practice, you need to give it a task in order to reach your desired goals but also give thanks and/or offerings to said items. Example of an offering would be water, music, smoke. When giving your crystal a task you would state your intentions aloud. Then blow your intentions into it.(* To clarify: Only herbs require offering)


Obsidian-Thank you for your energy, your purpose is to protect my energy and my aura from negative entities, thoughts and feelings. And so it is.

Just to help you get the most out of them, be mindful of the timeframe in which the baths are taken and please, follow the instructions! For example: Full Moon,New Moon, Saturday, Thursday, portal days like 2/22/22 etc. Each moon cycle, time of day and day of the week holds a different energy! When doing specific workings, you will be able to harness the energy of that timeframe to get the most out of the working AND it helps with the power of it being more efficient! Spiritual baths should be taken a min. of 1-2 times monthly. Also, ensure that you clean your bathroom prior to! Sounds crazy but like with anything, when you clean up, you make room for new blessings and its attracted to you much easier with a clean slate!

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ÔĽŅ ¬† ¬† Ease My Heart

Ease my heart was curated with the intention of aiding in healing your spirit, cleansing the aura, helping to ease the pain from the loss of loved ones, depression, sadness, stress or if you feel like you are taking on negative energy that isn't yours. This is for you.

(*Disclaimer: Spiritual bathing is essential for spiritual maintenance. This is great in conjunction with journaling, showing up for yourself daily, meditation and if needed, therapy sessions. This is by no means a replacement for professional help!)

Items Needed:

Ease My Heart Bath Salts

Rose Quartz, Moonstone & Obsidian


Petition Paper

Positive Vibes Incense


By the Riverside Candle

Florida Water

Rose Quartz bracelet or(the "Pure of Heart Bracelet")

Fire safe dish/Cauldron

Meditative Music(recommended 432 hz)


(Full Moon/Saturday-Day of Healing)

1.) Cleanse your bathroom with Sage.

2.)Run bath water to your desired temperature. Add in the bath salts and Florida water(3 cap fulls). Optional: can add Lavender Bubble bath. Lavender has protective properties.

3.)Add in crystals one by one. Moonstone towards the back, Rose quartz in the middle, and place the obsidian by drain of the tub.

4.)Sit on the edge of the tub and say a short personal prayer and/or recite psalm 16, three times. Call in your deities, ancestors, god/goddess. As you are doing this, place your hands into the water.

5.)Grab your petition paper and write what is bothering you, what you wish to release and how you want to feel afterwards, remember to give thanks. If your intention is to release, fold paper 3 times AWAY from you. Burn paper in a fire safe bowl/cauldron.

6.)Light your "By the Riverside" candle and your positive vibes incense. Burn candle til its done. Can snuff out and relight or leave burning, do at your own discretion!

7.)Sit in tub for 30 minutes or until water cools. While in tub for first 15 minutes, meditate on your intentions and how you want to feel afterwards. During this time, be open to whatever emotions that expose themselves. This is why you're here!

8.)Journal for 10 minutes on what it will feel like to be free of whatever emotion you're felling and be honest about how/why you feel that way. Then for the last 5 minutes, give gratitude to the universe/god, ancestors, dieties that you work with.

9.) Before exiting the tub, state aloud what you are releasing and how you will move forward. Also declare that as the water leaves this tub, so will whatever emotion, state of being that was on you in the beginning, will no longer impact you. Once you release the drain, end your affirmation with, Ase',Amen,So mote it be,And so it is...,whatever resonates.

10.)After your ritual, begin wearing your "Pure of Heart" bracelet or rose quartz crystal to continue to keep your heart free and clear of negativity. Remember, you must continue to do your regular self love practices to maintain balance. Whenever you feel "off" or sad, repeat. 


The Moon ūüĆô Priestess

The moon priestess was curated to enhance, connect and protect. Every intuitive priestess that needs a good aura cleanse before or after an intense divination session, this is for you. These bath salts can also be used to also bring out your god given gifts that have yet to be tapped into. 

Items Needed:

Amethyst & Clear Quartz

Full Moon Water 

Florida Water

Frankincense & Mrryh Incense

Satchet (Incld')

Crystal Vision Candle

Petition paper/Pen

Cauldron/Fire safe pot



(Full Moon/Monday- Day of Spirituality)

1.)In your journal, write down "I am" affirmations as it relates to your spiritual growth. You will need this later on.

2.)Prepare bathroom with sage. Cleanse the tub and the bathroom corners then follow it up with your incense.As you're cleansing your space say your affirmations/prayers for cleansing and consecration.

2.)Run bath water to temperature of your liking, then add in your bath salts (can add bath salts to satchet for easier clean up), amethyst (placed at the head), clear quartz(placed at the end). Add 3 capfuls of Florida water & pour in your Full moon water.

3.)On your petition paper, write 3 things that you would like to manifest as it relates to your spiritual growth, enhancing your spiritual gifts, discovering new gifts and connecting to your spiritual team/highest self, then fold toward you, clockwise.Burn the petition.

4.)Before entering into tub, kneel before the tub, place your hand into the water and state your affirmations from your journal into the water. 

5.)Light your candle, enter the tub. Mediate on your intentions for the first half of the bath. Speak to your spiritual team and source. Wash water upwards on your body. Bathe for as long as you deem necessary. 

6.)At the end of your bath, air dry. Let whatever herbs stuck to you fall off naturally(If no was satchet used to collect herbs), take your remaining herbs and place them on your altar or in your sacred space where you perform your divination/ spiritual work for 3 days, on the 3rd day, the following morning between sunrise (6am-7am), release the herbs to your west.

May your gifts enrich your life and the lives of others!


The 4 Queens 

The 4 Queens was curated with the power of the tarot to help you to step into your power! If you lack self confidence, need help with owning who you are unapologetically, then this is for you! 

Items Needed:

Citrine, Clear Quartz, Carnelian

New Moon Water

Florida Water

Empress Power Candle

Palo Santo Incense/Sage

Empty Bottle 

Cauldron/Fire Safe Pot

Petition Paper/Red Pen(power)


(New Moon/Tuesday- Day of Power)

1.)Cleanse your bathroom with sage. Make sure to cleanse tub and corners.Then followed by Palo Santo.

2.)Run your bath water to the desired temperature. Insert your 4 Queens bath salt(into satchet)or tub, crystals(citrine-top, carnelian-center, clear quartz-by drain),New moon water,3 capfuls of Florida water.

3.)On the petition paper, with red a pen, write down in present tense everything that you are and ensure to thank source.Fold 3 times, clockwise towards yourself,burn in fire safe bowl.

4.)Whilst in the tub, wash water upwards onto your body.Meditate on your intentions/petition. Before exiting the tub, proclaim that "I am an Empress with the power of 4 Queens! From this day forth, all things will work in my favor. And so it is!", then release the water from the tub.

4.)Air dry, let herbs fall naturally. Gather herbs & a bit of the bath water into your bottle, release them to your south at sunrise(6am-7am) the following morning.



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