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Cosmic Bath Collection: Spiritual Baths = Fresh Start!

Its finally here Bae!! When was the last time you took a spiritual bath?.......if you took too long to answer, then it was too long ago and you need to get in the tub right now!

Spiritual bathing is essential to spiritual elevation! Think of spiritual bathing as a reset button, once its done, you can start over with a clean slate and a new perspective. Your aura will be on Mr. Clean status!

There are many forms of spiritual baths that you can take. Some baths work to attract things to you such as love and money. There are also baths centered around healing and to help jump timelines. Others can be used for more serious matters such as curse or hex removals, even return senders! Remember water has the power to bring things towards you or to remove it because water has the ability to "flow".Water holds memory, that's why its important to focus on your intentions and push it into the water by way of prayer or "laying hands" over it.

Whatever the need is, a spiritual bath can fix it! The key to spiritual bathing is to ensure that you have a connection to source and your spiritual team. All the while giving gratitude. Essentially, you are telling the spiritual realm what it is that needs adjustment and that during the process of this bath, you are getting into the meditative space to focus your energy with them to help bring about this change. 

Remember, faith without action will get you nowhere! Always set your intentions but actively change the situation if its in your control! For example, if you are looking to attract money, you take a bath and light a money candle but you don't do anything to show the divine you are aligned with the request such as applying for a job or diligently finding ways to make money, guess what.....request put on pause until you match the vibration! Get your hands "DIRTY!" and see what happens in your favor!!!

Try our Cosmic Bath Collection! More spelled bath salts to come!😉

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