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Cut The B.S.!!!

Often times when we aren’t ready to grow emotionally and spiritually, we continuously tell ourselves lies about how we feel emotionally and push the feelings down and deny ourselves the sweet release of healing because we don’t want to acknowledge that we were hurt by words, actions or treatment. STOP THE B.S.! You need to acknowledge the shadow in order to heal it and to bring it to the light! We live in a world where living life in auto pilot, emotional contispation and screaming  “No new friends!!!” Is normal! Stagnation served no one ever! You need to stop lying to yourself about your true feelings because think about it, if you can lie to yourself easily, don’t you think your “friends” can do the same? Or even your family members? Honesty has always been the best policy because it allows you the freedom to choose what  you want your reality to look like! Like when you lied to that girl or guy about you being single but the entire time you had a situation! You can’t have your cake and eat it too! Especially if you want longevity! When you can’t control your reality, not only are your chakras blocked, it can even trickle down into your interpersonal relationships and your finances! So do yourself a favor and be honest about how you feel!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                              

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