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Divine Connections

As we go through this life, we aspire to reach certain levels of achievement and merit yet when its time to shift our thinking and the way we have been moving, we cower away. We claim that we are divinely guided and protected yet we don't move as such. Stop it!! Ive had several moments where I procrastinated or cowered in those very moments.  Those feelings of uncertainty and fear are normal because, lets face it, we all want to know what will happen next to the main character but we have to move like we have divine connections! We have an entire spiritual team ready to aid and assist at any given moment, all you have to do is tap in and have faith in your ability to overcome any obstacle placed in your way. The best way to go about those hurdles is to think of all those times you were faced with complete nightmares and how you faced them. My favorite saying is " there is only one way through it and that's to go through it"! Keep your head held high and know that what ever the universe is urging you to do, do it! Take that leap! They will be on the other side applauding you as they catch you in their arms!
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