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Dreams: Making Sense of Your Idle State

Have you ever had a dream that was so vivid, that it woke you from your sleep in a sweat? Have you ever went to sleep in your bed and awakened standing in your living room? Or, have you ever had a dream about a loved one that passed? If you said yes to any of these questions, you are like millions of other people.

Our dreams aren't just little movies that happen in our heads when we are asleep, they are cookie crumbs that lead to discovering ourselves, addressing feelings that plague us in our awaken state and provide closure and healing during times of grieving. The current book club selection that triggered this blog post is called The Alchemy of Dreams by Athena Laz. This book is great thus far and has given a deeper insight into dreams and their meaning along with the connection between the conscious and the subconscious mind. 

I recently had a dream about my father who passed recently, the dream was a lucid dream because it felt so real. I awakened in tears and a smile because the dream for me provided healing because of what he told me in my dream. I've also had premonitions in my dreams that alerted me to negativity manifesting in my reality that I needed to protect myself from and I also had dreams as a child that led me to sleep walk along with dreams that involved a "haint" or "witch riding my back"also known as sleep paralysis.

With all these different forms of dreams, our loved ones and spirit guides are communicating with us, guiding us and providing insight and wisdom to us during our slumber. The funny thing is, some messages are best communicated while in a dream state because it allows our subconscious mind to take the front seat vs in our awakened state of mind.

One thing that has helped to keep me safe while I astral travel and lucid dream are crystals, a journal and herbs....and as of late, rice...I'll go into the why behind rice another time😂😉Since implementing this into my practice, I've noticed how serenely I sleep. I still have nasty witches try me in my sleep but they never succeed because I am more aware of their presence as I sleep, I actually call in my team during my sleep and it always adds to the protective barrier that I created.

This book truly inspired me to create a new bundle for the store that will help you like its helped me! I'm happy to introduce the "Sweet Dreams Bundle!" this bundle includes everything you need to sleep unbothered and keep you safe!




Let me know what type of dreams keep you up at night!👇🏾

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