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Expectations: Reality vs. Perception


I think I speak for a lot of people when I say, we look for ourselves in the people that we call friends or even family. I have a confession.... at one time, I expected someone to reciprocate my same energy off the strength of us being close and the fact that I "felt" that they knew and understood my heart. 

What if I told you that no matter how much you view yourself in a specific light, everyone has their own perception of you and how you would respond to any given situation. Yes! we all have our ways of thinking and acting! 

Humans are very perceptive beings. We see what we want to see and hear what we want to hear. Sometimes it's because want to see the best in everyone because we were fed the delusion that if we give EVERYONE a chance, they "will understand" that we want them to show up for us in the best way possible!......Delusion #1!


Remember that when someone shows WHO they are, you believe them. Move from a place of wanting to see the best in people to viewing them for where they are in their journey! It's okay to have a point in your life where you functioned in a low vibration, we all have. Growth is obtainable for everyone, if they choose it. Never over play your part and never extend your hand if its not coming from a genuine place. Remember to give selflessly, not all favors and actions will receive the accolades  you expect.......

Comment below if you've ever been in a situation where you dealt a person that perceived you differently than you viewed yourself OR if they gave to you with expectations👇🏾

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