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Get Out of Your Head and into Your New Beginning!



During my 7 days of silence, I received clarity.....this has been a time of going inward and shifting my perception and approach of/to many things. Release was a important piece of it. Sometimes taking a mirror to self and analyzing your truest desires can give you insight into the "why" and "what is next" after you've set an intention. I like many people, have been in spaces that weren't very inviting nor accepting of not only my belief system but of me in general! That is when I had to learn to hold space for myself. I also had to get to a point in life that I had to make tough decisions that involved me letting go of old ways and even people. Thats okay...

This new season that we are coming into, we are being called to not only protect what we have been working on(along with protecting self and family) but to also make a decision on how we are stepping into this new season! I don't know about you but Ill be damned if Im doing the same thing Im doing now in 2023! I want to level up in all aspects! This time is for reflecting on what we really want and be honest! Hell be courageous enough to want to step out on a limb and trust your own power to manifest!

If you'd like to hear more and listen to the collective reading as it pertains to this, visit the link to the podcast!

Spirit had a message at 12am! Don't let it go to waste!!


How are you stepping this go round?👇🏾

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