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Getting to the heart of it all

Have you performed a heart chakra meditation lately? Often times when we are trying to get through emotional distress or figure out why we allowed such a thing to happen, we forget that we need to work on our heart chakra. Your heart is at the center of whether or not you feel worthy of love, feel worthy of acceptance or even accepting anything in general! When it's time to work on your heart chakra, your body will tell you. When you are wronged or disrespected, we tend to close off our heart because of how bad the situation impacted us. Its hard, yes, but you have to remember that if you want to be in a more loving situation whether friendship, romantic relationship, or a better relationship with a family member. You have to be open to receiving what is on its way to you! You have to open that heart chakra back up to truly reap that abundance that’s on the other side of the BS. 

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