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Giving Thanks and Celebrations!


How often do you celebrate yourself and thank yourself for going hard the way that you did? Life can be difficult to the point that you just function on autopilot to the point that you forget to be in the moment and truly FEEL.... You probably woke up most days on not the best side of the bed and immediately got your kids together for school and afterwards got yourself together for work and dealt with an annoying co-worker or manager. Then after work, picked up your kids and got dinner ready for them all the while helping them with their homework. Then when thats all done, you make time to work on your business and you do this on a consistent basis!

Maybe you deal with a debilitating illness and each day, it hard for you to function and yet you still make it your business to achieve the goals that you set for yourself! Life has a way of sweeping rug up from underneath us all but regardless of what happens, you NEVER play the victim! You cry it out, you scream it out! you go to therapy, you push forward, why?....because you know that regardless of the crap that happens you have a purpose, a SOUL purpose!

We all have been placed here to fulfill a divine plan and its our mission to understand and fulfill the WHY. Before we start this new week, I want you to go to your fridge and pour yourself a drink of choice and say," You did that, congrats!" Never forget to celebrate yourself and give gratitude for where you are in life and how far you've come! If you aren't where you want to be at this moment, guess what? Sundays are made for planning your next moves! So its time to plan bae! Lets get to these goals this week and thank the most high that what was sent to destroy us was weak as fuck and couldn't prevail!!

Let me know what you achieved below, I want to celebrate you too boo!👇🏾

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