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Hexes, Curses and Other Unfortunate Conditions



Along my journey, I've learned that there are many forms of magick, ways to perform rituals and other supernatural things. When we walk this spiritual path, the first spell/ritual that we are told to perform are for self love and protection. Rightfully so, but whether we understand it or not, we have not only been hexing ourselves but we have also been cursing others! Yes! that time when that lady in traffic cut you off and you called her out of her name and wished her and her family malice, yea...you did that!

We have all been a victim to our own words and the words of others, whether it be intentional or not. I myself have had several run ins with jerks that did not understand the gravity of their words and TRIED to cross me up! Me being the WITCH that I am, I make sure that I protect myself in more than one way(as you should as well... I have a blog post up on a few ways thats worth a read).

A recent run in with one of these gross beings was via the internet, the words that were uttered was," I hope that you have the day that you deserve"........That may seem simple to some, but the intent behind it was filled with the evil eye. Me being who I am, I know that those "magic words" won't hold weight, especially when I don't lead with evil in your heart. That evil eye sent my way is what charged those words with the specific intention of hatred and misfortune though......needless to say, that eye was blinded and uno reversed back to them without lifting a finger.

I am not the type of person to tell anyone to "love and light" themselves out of everything because thats spiritual bypassing and "WE" don't believe in that! I am a firm believer in not allowing people the space to fuck up your day because if they're all in your business like that, you deserve monetary compensation! However, the universe gifted a lot of us with discernment. You will know on a molecular level, when to step and when not to!

(Disclaimer: This world is about balance, you can't have good without evil,ying/yang....etc. I believe that everyone has the ability to work with both hands regardless of how good of a person you are, evil will always exist. Protect yours!)

The purpose of this blog post is to make you aware that words can carry malicious and evil intentions! Even the Bible holds verses to curse or hex someone! Being responsible when you understand the power that you hold is essential to you having a fulfilling life filled with abundance and clearing out any ancestral debt/karma. I've known people that come from a lineage of people that are cursed! Curses aren't just you waking up an hour late on accident or loosing your keys....I'm talking your children's children will feel the pain of absent parents, drug abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse....the list goes on. All because of that one moment in time where you and someone else had an exchange and it resulted in them causing you and yours spiritual misfortune.

The crazy thing about that is the person that places those conditions on you has to pay a price....regardless of whether it was justified, there is always a price. Now, I'm not a threefold law abiding witch, but I will say, ask yourself if this is what you truly want or if its emotionally charged. Emotionally charged decisions can lead you down the wrong path. Throwing work when its unnecessary can cross you up! 

So, to my healers, witches, practitioners and root workers, be mindful of yourself and WHO is syphoning your time, space and energy. Protect what's yours and remember that you are a blessing and one of gods greatest gifts but never let a mfkr forget WHO you are!!!


P.S. My mars is in Aries and when I'm mad, I'll light everything up! From a peach sangria to a 40 malt in 30secs😂So excuse this blog post, I already told you I hate spiritually nasty people…grinds my gears😉😂


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