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How to Get the Most Out of Your Week: Witchy Edition


So I hear you! You want to get the most out of your workings but you don't know where to start and you're probably uncertain if the workings you've completed will manifest. Well bae, I'm here to help! Aside from having faith in the universe's ability give you your TRUE hearts desires, you need to ensure that you give gratitude, have patience and most importantly,WORK YOUR MAGICK ON THE CORRECT DAYS!!!

Yes, each day of the week has a planetary correspondence! Each planet rules over each zodiac sign and they also rule mundane things such as communication and divination! So....Let's get started!

Day of the Week          Planet                  Correspondence


Monday                      The Moon        Emotions, Intuition, Divination


Tuesday                      Mars                Willpower, Courage, Breakthroughs


Wednesday                Mercury           Communication, New Ideas, Insights


Thursday                    Jupiter             Money, Luck, Business,Learning


Friday                        Venus               Love, Pleasure,Self-Love,Friendship


Saturday                    Saturn              Spirituality,Facing Issues, Healing


Sunday                     The Sun             Personal achievements,Gratitude


Just by following this chart, you will be able to see the results that you are looking for and then some, especially if practiced weekly! You will begin to become more comfortable within your practice and in tune with your magick! Also, if you practice an ATR, this list may differ. For example, Papa Legba's day is Monday and he oversees the crossroads and opening doors to opportunities. So if you want to have a "breakthrough" you would do road opening workings on Monday vs Tuesday! It truly depends on what your practice looks like to determine the best day to do the working. When in doubt, ask spirit! 

Lastly, when working a spell, look for different clues and synchronicities. The universe has a coded way of communicating with us and its up to us to learn the language! Get in tune with yourself and aligned with your path. Angel numbers are key as well as little hints like a phone call that you've been waiting on or finding $20 in your pocket from a week ago! You can also use divination to know if your magick worked or if it needs more time to manifest! Remember to trust the process!

An oracle once said to me, "the intention behind the candle magick was always there, even though you may have expected it to come out a certain way, it did workout. It's just going to manifest in a way better than you expected!

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