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How to Outwit the Spirit of Depression

(Disclaimer: The word "spirit" is used loosely to describe my PERSONAL encounters with it) 

One thing that is often swept under the rug is depression, especially in the black community. I recall a time in my 20's where I knew a person that was going through a tumultuous time and had gotten to a point where they decided that they wanted out. They ATTEMPTED to un-alive themselves and was found at home after reaching out to a friend that was nearest to them at the time.

When they're mother heard about what happened, she went to where she was being held and told her to her face,"you need to get your butt out of here now! "WE" don't do stuff like this! Get your act together!".....There was not a moment where she said, "I Love You" or "I need you here, let me get you some help", it was more of a racial issue, an embarrassment, what "black people are supposed to do and not do".....

Unfortunately, her story is like millions of other people in this world.The same stereotype is being perpetuated because "we" told ourselves somewhere down the line that religion or spirituality is a fix all, when it's not. We also were made to believe that depression isn't a "black trait", when in fact, African Americans have high rates of PTSD! This goes back to enslavement, racism and the prejudice that we've experienced.

While I believe that spirituality can help, it's not a one size fits all. Your spirituality highlights what caused this to happen and allows you the guidance on how to fix it on a spiritual level, while a licensed therapist will give you the medical assistance that is needed! Even to the extreme of prescribing medication IF needed(medication isn't cure all either!)

Depression never looks the same on everyone, some people are high functioning and crawl into a hole when they're alone, while others can't get out of bed to take care of basic hygiene like a shower or cleaning. I wanted to let you know that regardless of what caused you to get into that state of being, there is ALWAYS a way out! I will list some ways that has helped me to get back on my square when I've felt myself slipping into a hole...

1.) Crying
It sounds overrated but pent up sadness or anger never serves you! You do yourself a dis-service by ignoring what is plainly in your face, which is your feelings. Stop trying to be a robot and experience your life as a human.
2.)Listening to Music
Music can be very cathartic. Some of the most artistic souls are musicians, these people have the talent of capturing a particular emotion through lyrics, this is so underrated but if you feel like a sad love song or "Everything I Wanted" by Billie Ellish is your mood until you feel Beyonce's "Formation" feels right, then that's your right!
Sometimes professional help can go further than a vent session with a loved one or friend ever could! The advice of a complete stranger sounds crazy but it will always be worth it! Mental health is just as important as physical health! If your insurance doesn't cover it or if its too expensive, FEMA offers FREE counseling as well as other non-religious organizations! There is NO EXCUSE! Never be too afraid to ask for help! 
*Disclaimer: This should be an option if you are NOT in physical danger! If you feel this will help, by all means, do what's best. Sometimes shadow work can be very difficult, especially when done alone. I recommend, if its too deep, seek professional help!*
When we start to peel back the layers of the "why" and "what" that got us to this point, it can be scary, but always rewarding! If you work with your ancestors,The Orishas or god(s)/goddesses, always take it one day at a time and ask for their help! Yemaya was my go to when I lost a loved one! She really saw me through and is continuously healing me, I love my mother for that! Spiritual baths that have aura cleansing properties and uplifts the spirit is a great way to reset your energy also!
Nature has the ability to ground and neutralize energies! A long walk in the park or forest preserve is so underrated. Aside from exercising to de-stress, fresh air, the scenic paths and the nature spirits presence just does it for me every time! If you feel like you're in a slump, I encourage you to step outside! Even if its cold! Not recommended on days that its too cold! 
6.) Journaling
You all know how I feel about the written word! Hence the 3 thousand journal options on the site!😂 Journaling your emotions and doing shadow work can be very cathartic! The first step to recovery is what?.....acknowledging there is a problem! When you write down the issue and elaborate on the why's and how it made you feel, open the flood gates to your own salvation! You have all the power to save yourself, you just have to take the time and make YOU a priority!
In closing, life is about balance, assessment and mental clarity. These 3 things make life have more meaning. Its helps you to acknowledge what is and isn't working, gain clarity on what is the root of your pain and having the mental clarity of what you need to do to maintain the balance in your life so that you can live a fulfilling life. Never short change yourself bae, always take care of your mental health FIRST! 
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