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Protect Your Neck!


As you should know, protecting yourself from physical danger is of the utmost importance, but what about your spiritual body or your sacred space? Do you protect that too? If not, please do so now! I can't tell you how important it is to protect your space and your spirit body. 

When you lack adequate protection, you leave the door open for haints, evil spirits, low vibrating energies, tricksters, and even other practitioners that mean you no good to enter!!!!! I've experienced all of the above and guess what, after I "strapped up" they knew I wasn't for play play after that!!

I will explain to you step by step what it is that you need to do to adequately protect yourself and your home. First things first! Out with the old, in with the new! You can't properly get yourself together and your space in order without getting rid of old stagnant energy! That means a full shake down. You need to not only cleanse yourself with an aura cleansing bath(which is last), you need to clean your house! Every nook and cranny in your home should be spotless but I would be remised if I fail to mention that you need to SPIRITUALLY clean it too! That means grab your protection carpet powders, floor washes and smoke cleansing tools. I go into details about the "how" in my previous blog post regarding this called "Spiritual Cleansing",go check it out along with my "Spiritual Baths" posting. (UPDATE: Protection rituals are best done during the full moon but trust, if you need it now, you better take care of your business!)


After you've cleansed yourself and your space, you need to protect yourself on the regular! A few things to cover your neck are witches bottles, rice, anointing oils for protection, protection amulets and a spelled painting!!!

RICE: Get a small to medium bowl, smoke cleanse the bowl, then place your rice inside of it. Place the rice under your bed. What the rice does is keep the witches/haints from "riding your back"! I can't tell you how many night terrors and irritating moments of sleep paralysis I've had! Sleep paralysis is when you are half awake but you can't move and sometimes your breathing is compromised which can get scary if you panic! The haint/witch essentially has a counting fetish, it will feel the strong urge to count the rice over bothering you immediately. By the time it's done, it will be morning and it can't do anything in the morning! Think of it like a vampire. Its hates the morning light!

WITCHES BOTTLE: This can be placed on your altar. the contents of the bottle depends on what you are comfortable with using because it can get messy and extreme. Normal witches bottles contain your hair and nails, chili flakes or cayenne pepper, sharp objects:rusty nails, glass, thorns, or razor blades. It also contains salt and if you feel inclined, you can use your urine or blood(from your finger or cycle)! The DNA tags that you put in it(urine/blood/hair/nails), makes whatever evil entities/energies sent your way, think its you and it essentially attacks the bottle and ends up getting trapped inside! The ingredients you use depends on the severity of the situation, use discernment.

PROTECTION AMULETS/ TALISMANS: A protection amulet isn't just an evil eye charm, or jewelry. It can be whatever symbol that you associate with protection. For example, the pentacle, Veve(voodoo)of a specific lwa, or the Eye of Ra/Re. These items should be cleansed and consecrated prior to use to activate them.

FYI, ALL M.E. protection pieces undergo protection rituals, so its activated and ready to go!


EVIL EYE PAINTING: I created an evil eye painting on a whim during quarantine a few years back and let me tell you, spirit will have you doing things when you don't realize that later on you'll end up needing it and it will save you! You will need the newly added "evil eye canvas" painting in the shop, protection oil/reversal oil,Florida water, smoke cleansing agent and a bible. So first things first....

1.)Cleanse the canvas! Grab your sage/incense, cleanse it.

2.)Grab your Florida water, your Florida water should already be blessed/consecrated, if not, you can grab it from the shop or pray the 51st psalms over the one you have then use it to bless the canvas by spraying it on with a spray bottle or pouring a bit in your hand and rubbing it on the canvas.

3.)Get your protection oil and reversal oil. With both oils on your finger tip, draw a symbol of protection on it. Whatever symbol that is for you. It can be a sigil, a pentacle, even a cross! draw the symbol on the back or front.

4.)After you've draw your symbol, pull out your bible and pray the 91st psalm over the painting(place your hands on it). If you don't work with the Bible, you can make your own intentional prayer, speak it over the painting, write it out on petition paper(notebook paper) and burn it. Light a candle of protection afterwards.

5.)Place the painting on/near your altar or whatever space you'd like. As with any evil eye talismans, if it frays, breaks, falls down, fades or anything crazy happens to it, you will need to immediately use discernment and decide if you need to get another one because it took whatever was sent your way. The painting stopped it! At that point you will need to repeat all of the above steps and this time, add a double reversal candle to return that ish to sender!(ALWAYS BLACK OVER RED!)💪🏾

(FYI: My original painting was made with all the above materials but I used moon water to paint it! The painting faded! It was fine up until I had an malicious working sent my way! Normally when you paint, if the canvas is untouched/unbothered, nothing happens. Lets just say, my intuition told me everything I needed to know and what was sent my way was uno reversed back to sender but with extra fire on that ass!)



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