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Intuition Leading the Way


I can't tell you how important it is to trust your own inner knowing(spirit)! I've been in multiple situations that could've been avoided by just leaning on my guides and myself. Instead, I got into karmic relationships that lasted longer because I refused to learn the lesson, trusting others guidance above my own that led to trouble, and ultimately low self esteem!!

What I thought was a hard to reach goal, became obtainable by just by trusting spirit and addressing the situations that led me to that point in time. What helped me to trust myself more and address the issues that I so casually brushed under the rug was TAROT!!

A hangup that I had to overcome when it came to tarot was the fact that it was "evil"! I  eventually learned that fear and a lack of knowledge was a common denominator when it came to tarot. That and the dogmatic religious system that governs us worldwide. I had to learn to not only respect others and their belief systems but I also had to ACCEPT that there is more than one way to view spirituality! Spirituality is not linear, what you do to connect to God/spirit/universe....isn't the same for others. Once I got over the hump, I got more comfortable with holding "the devil" tarot card in my hand!😂 I eventually moved on to a more intuitive approach versus book knowledge with a tarot course that my mentor offered and it was up from there!

I stand before you now well connected to spirit on a REGULAR basis, I am able to intuitively know when to move and when to rest, I am also able to not only divine for myself but for others as well!.....Oh the difference a year can make! If you ever wanted to connect to spirit, allow me to guide you! Our "Intuitive Tarot Journal" was created to make trusting yourself simple. Its interactive and it allows you take the wheel all the while taking ownership of your development!

Have you ever questioned your intuition? Sound off below!👇🏾


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