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Journaling: How to Change Your Reality with a Book and Words!


I can't tell you how many times journaling has seen me through situations. As a child I wrote about any and everything just because that was a form of solace for me. As I got older, journaling became a distant memory due to my transition from adolescence to womanhood, which was a pivotal time for me to continue writing. I began back writing when I began my journey to discover myself and to deepen my relationship with myself. During that time, a lot of things that I experienced from adolescence to womanhood, came to mind. Situations that I hadn't healed from due to the lack of self expression and blockages of different sorts.

During the full moon, the focus should be on releasing what has the potential to hold you back from stepping into the next chapter of your life. One thing that I highly recommend during anytime of day/year/month is journaling but even more so during this time. When I started out, I found journal prompts to be very helpful to get myself into the state of mind to release and to acknowledge my shadow side. I always made it my duty to allot 1hr/30 mins to this process because it can become very deep, emotional and due to me being a virgo, the devil is in the details! Dive deeper!!😉

I also found that doing a reading during this phase doesn't just amplify your intuition but I feel like all emotions that you tend to hide is more apparent during this time which seems to force you into a healing state. I love this about the full moon. Below I have included some prompts and tips that will take you into the next stage of your life rather easily.

Items needed:

432hz meditative music

Rose Quartz


Rainbow Moonstone

Tarot/Oracle Deck

Obsidian or Black Tourmaline

*Before you start, listen to 432hz meditative music for 30mins, this will put you in a relaxed and calm state of mind to do a reading for yourself and the messages will flow like butter! Align your crystals on their respective chakra location as you lay down. Moonstone - head, rose quartz-heart, black tourmaline/obsidian-pelvic area*

Tarot Card Questions

*What is the focus of the day?

(Do a 2 card pull with your deck and journal the meaning and how it makes you feel along with how the reading relates to your reality)

*What's keeping me from manifesting the life I want?

*What Chakras need alignment?

*What should the focus of my shadow work be?

*What wisdom does the divine and my ancestors have for me?

*What is a message from my highest self?

Once you've completed your reading, cleanse yourself and your space to reset the energy. This should be done as often as needed because this is a form of self love and self care! Never ever short change yourself bae! 

Since one of my passions is written knowledge, I've curated different journals! I  hope that these journals get you from point A to point B in your journey and I hope that all the dots align in your favor!😉💖

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