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Just a prayer away....

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to pray someone out of your life? A situation where, as much as you cared for the person, you knew deep down that they were no good for you yet you weren't brave enough to make the first step?

For some this is reality. We hold on to toxic people to the point that they are bleeding you dry! You ever heard the phrase," it's better to let go than to hold on and continue to let them hurt you?"......This may seem like a far fetched idea, some will say let them go in peace but what if "they" are your mother? your father? what do you do then?

I've heard people say "oh well...thats your mother.."or "oh well... that's your sister..." Im here to tell you no matter what the relation is, be it chosen family or otherwise, there is no such thing as a pass just because they share the same blood as you! Disrespect is disrespect! It actually hurts more when you are tied to them via genetics more than anything(in my opinion).

As spiritual beings, we have to get to a point in our lives where we can make peace with cutting cords even with our loved ones! If the disrespect fits the crime, boundaries need to be set accordingly!

Guess what, if you don't make the conscious decision to remove people from your life that don't deserve your space,God/Universe has a funny way of taking care of it!

I recall a time where I was going through it with an old associate, I truly hated how this person made me feel. I was over the gaslighting, I was over the lack of accountability and the lack of respect that I received from this person. The sad thing is, as many times as I tried to make this person see that they aren't without fault as well, they weren't ready to face they're demons. 

One day, I asked God to remove this person because I couldn't bring myself to do it, seconds later, I received a message saying that they were done with me. I was elated, yet I was in for a serious awakening period of my own! They would soon follow suit as time went on but, as much time that passed and hardship that they endured, spirit told me NOT to intervene because by me doing so, it will set off an entirely new cycle and a much longer learning process for them. Im grateful I stayed still and allowed things to play out as they should. Sometimes you never know what type of lesson or healing you're keeping someone else from by going back to them!...Remember that!

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