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Lion's Gate Portal

The Lion's Gate portal is the opening of a rare window between the spiritual and physical worlds that takes place as the Sun in Leo, the star Sirius, the Orion's Belt constellation, and the planet Earth all come into alignment each year. While this  lasts from July 28-August 12, the Lion's Gate portal is officially activated on August 8.

This year's portal opened on with the New Moon in Leo's majestic vibration on July 28. On the special activation date of 8/8, the moon phase will be Waxing Gibbous in the sign of Sagittarius.

As the Sun enters its home in Leo and Sirius aligns with the Earth and Orion's Belt, they create an intense energy which alters our perspective on ourselves and the world, offering people born under all zodiac signs an opportunity to manifest powerful positive changes. Changes that you've been wanting for some time now.

In numerology, 8 is a significant number representing harmony in all realms and infinity. Life path number 8 is all about confidence, passion, power and resilience — all of which you can harness when manifesting while the Lion's Gate portal is open, and most specifically during the New Moon on 8/8. As a double number, 88 means you are moving toward change. This is a time to accept necessary endings so you can be fully open to receiving the new opportunities coming your way.

So, each day take bigger risks. These are opportunities  that are given to us by the divine in order to follow our purpose more closely and step into our highest selves. These numbers are especially auspicious given that the year is 2022, the numerology of which urges us to stop worrying as life is pushed back on track, becoming more harmonious and balanced.

With all this being said, I invite you to join me on Instagram @moonstone_energy today,8/8/22 at 8:30 for a meditation session! are sure to turn on your notifications!

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