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Lord Of The House: Partnering With Your Ruler Planet

Astrology is one of those topics that can be intimidating because of the complexities within their respective chart. To become a great astrologer, it will require a certain level of discipline and studiousness to master such a skill. Today I want to discuss how you can use the energy of your ruling planet to have a positive impact on your life. Many people assume that magick is an elaborate ceremony filled with candles, smoke, long ceremonial garments and the like.  When in actuality, magick can just be you planning out the way you execute certain tasks in order to get the most impact. Like J.P. Morgan said, "Millionaires don't need astrologers, billionaires do!"
For the purpose of this blog post, I'll keep it simple. I will use myself as an example. As many of you may already know, I am a vivacious Virgo!😂 The planet that rules my existence is Mercury. Wednesday's daughter! Recently, I had a full circle moment. Being that Mercury rules over communication, creative freedoms and self-expression, I realized I've been living my dreams while utilizing my own astological magick. I've been fortunate to reach hundreds of people and assist them in their daily lives by way of my podcast(s). I lean into to my own ini-ate gifts of being a literary scholar by self-publishing my first book along with using my desire for knowledge and education to free my tribe by way of my different schools.
This is an example of your ruler planet showing up within your life. Now what if I took it a step further and actually performed planetary magick by producing content that aligned with the day of the week and/or creating on a specific day to release on that day as well? I would be able to reach more people even further!
So, I hope you were able to follow my train of thought. You don't necessarily have to be a professional astrologer to utilize your astrological chart for positive change within your life. As much as I love learning, I don't know if I have the patience!😂 I use what I can and use the bit of knowledge that I understand to my advantage! So, I want you to go to astro-charts.com , find the planet that is dominant within your chart and begin to find ways to incorporate the energy of that planet to your benefit!
Happy exploring!
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