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Mojo Bag Magick

Lets talk mojo bags! So, just to begin with a little history, mojo bags are used in hoodoo as a "prayer in a bag" or a walking talisman if you will. It is a personalized signature spellbound to you with immense power to drive an intention over a long period of time.

Mojo bags can be made with any intention that you'd like such as attracting love, money or luck. Mojo bags are a powerful tool that should not be taken lightly. Its more than herbs and oil in a bag! There are specific steps that you must take and conditions that need to be met in order to benefit for its power. One must make sure that all the energy used to imbue it is balanced. If you are tapping into yourself, as you should, you will be able to feel when its power is waning. If you fail to get it right during the prepping stage, it will amplify the repercussion of the failure. Use caution when making your bag!

Now, when you get it right, the power will be very much supernatural! Think of this as a personal genie. This genie will grant every wish! Some mojo bags are made with flannel or velvet bags. They can contain petitions, charms/amulets, intention oil, herbs, crystals, or whatever you'd like to add which fits the intention of the bag.

For one particular mojo bag ritual, we will be making a Power & Allure mojo bag to take advantage of this Lion's Gate Portal on 8/8/22 on Patreon! So, if you'd like to create this with me, please subscribe to the "Magician Tier"on Patreon.

Two important rules to remember is,1.) Always make sure your intentions are strong during the process and 2.) ALWAYS feed your bag!

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