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Money is Everywhere: Money Trees That Grow in your Backyard

One thing that we all can agree upon is that money doesn't fall from the sky and money doesn't grow on trees neither but what if they did? What if the universe made it possible to have an endless flow of money?.....That would be a dream right? Well, let's talk about how to create a consistent flow of support given by the universe.

What I have found is that no matter how many money rituals you do, no matter how much you beg and plead with the universe to create a way for you to make money, it all starts with the relationship you have with money! If you are a person that gets money and spends it just as fast as you got it vs, saving some or investing some, that's a problem! The universe isn't going to bless a mess honey! MONEY MANAGEMENT IS KEY!!

While Thursdays are ruled by Jupiter because it governs money, business, and luck, you can't attract an abundance of money or success, while in a place of lack! Money and success is attracted to a certain mindset! Now listen to me, this was an uphill battle because I loved to buy, buy, buy!!! Once I saw my unhealthy patterns, I immediately implemented a new way of thinking. There were times that I asked why me?! but...why NOT me!! You can't understand the VALUE of a dollar if you aren't put in a position to UNDERSTAND the value of a dollar if you follow me!

Let me know if you've had to make changes in your mindset towards money and success below👇🏾

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