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Red Pill or Blue Pill.....

When we arrive here on this plain, we have already been gifted with divine talents. Some people even say that they're children can even see beyond the veil! This is because children, are free! Children are "new" to earth and have not experienced the world for what it can be nor are they conditioned as of yet. They have the ability to see the world and truly experience it all! 

When you decide to explore this side of yourself as an adult, it can be hard because so much has been "beaten" into you by the time you reach young adulthood. When you decide to tap into yourself and your gifts, think of this as the red pill vs the blue pill. If you take the blue pill, you get to go through life as normal, no harm. If you decide to take the red pill and truly want to see what's out there, the way you experience life will alter for the rest of your life.

If you are reading this blog, chances are, you took the red pilll lol! When I began my journey, I came out of a bad friendship cycle, I had family issues at the time and I was on my last straw mentally and emotionally. I decided that all this chaos in my life had to have a deeper meaning. I was literally in the same karmic cycle for 10+ years and had no idea because I was "lost". I surrounded myself with "trash" tv, people who gaslight on a regular basis and I was in a state of denial because there was some extensive healing that I was ducking all for the sake of "keeping the peace" or "lil bro-ing" myself!(Lil-bro-ing- Making yourself little for the sake of others comfort so that you are more "digestible"- My urban dictionary lol)

When I decided to go within myself, I exposed myself and others became wide open as well. I realized, those slight stomach aches I'd get during times of conflict or that silent whisper wasn't just my ancestors trying to get me out of a jam but my intuition! All my gifts of clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairempathy and clairtangency became activated and I was 100% AWARE! At that moment, there was no going back to what I thought was a safe space.My gifts proved that the life I knew was all a fallacy.

Once the activation occurred, that's when I began my spiritual journey. I got into learning about crystals, cleansing and tip toed my way into tarot.(SB: for me to allow myself to learn to read tarot was a feat within itself. I was raised in a SOUTHERN BAPTIST that was of the devil nah!!...I had to unlearn so much of the programming to SEE what is and what isn't!) Once I got over the "tarot is the devil" hurdle, I was able to truly read intuitively. I also took a tarot course that helped me to unlock the last step!

Moral of the story: Don’t be afraid of your own healing process! Learn to identify what's working in your life and what isn't! Some forget that is the key to growth, holding on to what is hurting you will be your demise!

That time taken to hone my gifts allowed me to be an aide to others. I now offer tarot reading services AND now I have a tarot journal so I can help teach you in the simplest way possible! Tarot isn't an overnight thing, but if you are dedicated to your self discovery and development, you'll be reading both oracle and tarot in no time! Purchase your journal and book your reading today!

P.S. The best creations happen on a whim! hence this journal!

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