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Self Love and Mental Health

Fridays are ruled by Venus. Venus governs love. 

Self love rituals should be apart of every witches practice! Self love isn't just about getting your hair and nails done. Do you take a moment out of your day to work on your spirit? Work on your mental health? Shadow work is hard yes, but it is apart of the healing process and its also a form of self love. 

When I went through a hard period in my life,I took it upon myself to start using affirmation cards. I incorporated the cards with my daily tarot card pulls. Doing this allowed me to uncover some alarming things within myself that required healing. I then began incorporating candle magick and ritual self love baths into my practice. Doing this weekly has helped me to maintain my mental health and to set proper boundaries for myself when it came to people and places. I no longer accept the things I used to. I no longer allow ANY form of disrespect! 

I decided for myself that my peace was necessary and I treat myself like a QUEEN, Empress if you will. If you feel like you are weighed down mentally, your body will let you know, spirit will let you know also. That is your cue to take some time off to take care of yourself. One thing I had to learn is that I can't pour from an empty well. I did that for so long and it made me resent people even though I was in that situation because of my lack of self respect!

Love on yourselves Bae! You only have one body and one life to live. Have you taken a love bath lately?👇🏾

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