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Social Media Break

Have you ever experienced mental burn out or a lack in creativity?If so, maybe it's time to take a break from it all. Social media is a hub for information overload! Everyone is either angry, and fighting, sad,depressed or happy. A full range of emotions being expressed over multiple platforms can become overwhelming, especially if you're an empath!
Social media can be a place for genuine connections and information, it can also stifle your creativity and cause mental burn out. With recent events in the media, this break is right on time. I don't know about you but your spirit knows when there is a shift going on and when its time to take a seat.
I personally was pre-planning to participate in a 7 day fast with a fellow entrepreneur for other reasons but this couldn't have been a bigger sign that its time to disconnect to reconnect with self, family and spirit. During this time Latashia of "Lets Talk About it with Tay" podcast  and Idea Custom Designs, will be joining me in this time of silence. When you take time to check in with self to ensure you are okay, that is a top tier form of self care!
One thing about the universe/spirit/god, when you show that you're willing to sacrifice something that you enjoy, they will reward you with clarity, peace, new creative ideas and a fresh start overall! If you'd like to join this break with us, I will fill you in on what we will be doing below, this break will commence 4/1, 12am and end on 4/9, 12am:
1.) No sweets!! That includes that syrup you put on those pancakes and that juice you love so much!
2.)No red meat!! Yes, it pains me too!😩😢😩NO bacon with breakfast!
3.)...and most importantly,NO SOCIAL MEDIA!!! Its best to save your passwords for the apps and DELETE THE APP!! That way, you won't be temped!
During the break we will be:
1.) Journaling!
2.) Taking spiritual baths(4/4 is an upcoming portal day AND a new moon 4/1...perfect timing!)Be mindful that the energy of the moon cycles are potent 3 days before and 3 days after, so no pressure, just make sure you manifest your best life!😉.
3.)We will also be spending time with spirit/ancestors/god! Spending time at your altar is crucial to spiritual developments well as gaining fresh insight into issues that may have been plaguing your mind!
4.)Lastly, checking in with loved ones and being present! When you live in the present, you show gratitude for the blessings you currently have which shows the universe that you are grateful which opens doors for you to receive more!!...get it?good!😎
Will you be taking this break with us to get yourself aligned with your new chapter?Let me know👇🏾
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