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Speak Out with Conviction


Good ole Mercury! The ruling planet of the virgo and the gemini. This planet is responsible for the messed up retrogrades that we all dread. This planet rules communication, deep understanding and new ideas. As a virgo, I always seemed to feel the effects of retrogrades the worst. I had to learn how to make the retrogrades my b*tch! One thing I used to struggle with was communicating the most. Mainly because of the lack of self esteem when it came to not speaking out against people that wronged me or disrespected me. 

When I became more spiritual, I was able to identify that my throat chakra had some heavy debris. I had to clear it out to speak my truth out loud. The issues that I ran into were not only speaking up for myself but being able to not allow people to gaslight me to the point of silence and depression due to me believing the lies they told me about myself, even though a lot of it was projection.

When I learned that communicating was a difficult thing for me, I made it my duty to do shadow work on the regular. I made it my duty to address the lies and stand on what I said unwaveringly. I also had to ensure that I spoke in a clear, concise and slow manner, especially during retrogrades to avoid misunderstandings. I then was able to identify the fact that some people are convinced that you're one way and will believe their perception of you over what is plainly in sight. 

My message to you is, don't let mercury twist up your words and cause you to be misunderstood! Speak your truth with conviction, stand on what you say and never let someones own projections, control how you view yourself!

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