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Spiritual Cleansing

If you are keeping up with your spiritual hygiene, you already know what time it is! Spiritual cleansing is key to elevation! Spiritual cleansing of the body and home should realistically be done MINIMUM once a month!...........When you think about the things that happen to you on a regular basis such as someone cutting you off in traffic and that sending you to another unworldly dimension or when you feel the need to go off on someone that had you confused with someone else or even if you just need healing due to loss, a spiritual bath is the prescription!

The home shouldn't go over looked either. Did you know that people tend to bring bs to your door step unknowingly! Below I will share with you some tips I use to keep myself and my home BS free! :)


Items needed: your favorite carpet powder, baking soda, salt and protection oil(JUST A DROP).

Mix them all together, say a prayer of intention over the mixture,I like to blow on it(lightly) to give it "life" and sprinkle the powder in the carpet. Let the mix settle for 5 minutes then vacuum.


Items needed: A selenite wand :)

After cleaning your home entirely, place a piece of selenite over your door. Please be mindful of placement and the space you put it on because if you slam the door, it could fall and break.  You can also re-enforce the placement with a 3mm double sided tab! So each time you walk in or out, its like a magickal "car wash" but for humans :)


(Before you wash your floor, please sweep from back to front)

Items needed: your favorite floor cleaning mix/liquid, and Florida water

First things first, anytime you buy Florida water, you want to spiritually cleanse it with smoke(or other cleansing agent) because everyone has handled it. The Florida water in my shop will already be cleansed fyi but even still...you have the option to cleanse it again. To bless the Florida water, recite the entire Psalms 51. Pour the Florida water into the cleansing solution. You have the option to put other waters in the mix such as "bless the home water" if you like. 

As you clean your floor, make sure you clean from back to front, keep your intentions of purification and blessings in the home strong as you clean by praying or speaking affirmations like,"my home is a place of peace and abundance". 

When you are done, dispose of the dirty water in a manner that aligns with you.

(This is ok for swifer mops and regular mopping)


During your home cleaning routine, don't forget to cleanse the air space in your home. Sage is not only known for its spiritual properties but it also cleans your air and keeps the critters away! When Smoke cleansing, you can use either sage or incense. Preferably Palo Santo, Sage or Frankincense and Myrrh scented incense. When going through your home, hit every nook and cranny with smoke, corners too! As you are doing this, make sure you are praying and stating affirmations along with opening up every window and door that you can so that whatever nastiness dwelled in your sacred space, has an exit to leave out of.

If you need any of these items, just know that I got you 😉 You can find these items under "Cleansing" on the home page! Happy Cleaning Bae!


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