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Spiritual Discipline

Discipline of any kind can be hard. It requires consistency and effort. They say that in order to build a habit for yourself, you need to do "a thing" for 21 days consecutively. I belief this to be true and effective. In order to become disciplined spiritually, one must be able to make a choice for themselves. Making choices, as easy as it seems, can be difficult for some. Especially if it requires them to be and do different things.

Spiritual discipline was developed young for some of us, especially if you grew up in a religious household. Which means you went to church every Sunday, bible study on Wednesdays, Revivals, Men & Women's Day Services.....you get where I am going. I think in all honesty, we were over it by the time we were 15! 

Essentially, what I am trying to say is, you need to tap back into that spiritual discipline that you were taught as a kid but in a way that fits you and your life! I am telling you that, whoever you call God/dess, they need your undivided attention but not just them, your spiritual team does as well and that includes your ancestors and guides!

I am challenging you to define what spiritual discipline looks like for you. What are some rituals that you do that helps you with mindfulness, what are some things that you do during the various moon cycles that keep you in a space of flow and action.....balanced?

I will give you a simple formula to get disciplined and in a space to receive guidance and protection on a regular basis.

Morning Rituals

  1. Wakeup in the morning in prayer and giving thanks! Leave the phone on that nightstand for 20 minutes.
  2. Go to your altar and sit with your ancestors and spirits. Burn some ancestor money, refresh the water, give them breakfast, write in your ancestor journal. 
  3. Breakfast with your ancestors is top tier, make sure to give them coffee and spell yours!

During The Day

  1. Speak out loud to your spirits, they can hear you! Share funny moments and venting moments with them. They understand and this is literally your family! This is how to build a stronger relationship.
  2. Speak affirmations aloud to yourself or in a journal using the 3, 6, 9 method.
  3. Go for a walk! Be it before work or on break! There is so much healing in nature(air/earth).

At Night

  1. When you finish your day, allow yourself to unwind mentally, eat something, take a shower, get into your comfy PJ's or read or listen to a book for the soul...then binge watch a show!
  2. If there is a particular  moon cycle going on, prep a ritual for it. Release or manifest. Do something that will bring you balance and stability.
  3. Meditate! You'd be surprise how chakra blockages manifests itself in your life! Third Eye blockages looks like you consistently asking if what you did was ok or asking others what they think!
  4. Journal! I think journaling is a great way to reflect on your day and express yourself unbarred, no filter! Curse, let it out!

In conclusion, this life is filled with so many lessons, what you do on a day to day makes life worth living! I hope that you receive this and take action Goddess💚

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