Psychic Gifts In Connection With Ancestors

Spiritual Gifts And Your Ancestors

Over the course of a few years, a lot of hidden knowledge has been revealed to me. Full transparency moment, being stagnant spiritually is a different feeling. Most times its brought on by internal forces such as your self-talk or how you handle yourself. Other times, it can come about from external forces like your environment, frenemies or even entities outside of your reach such as a government or laws. 

In order to overcome these obstacles and hinderances, you need to learn how to sit within yourself and seek out the God/dess of your understanding and plead your case to your spiritual court. Nine times out of ten, you grievance will be heard and it will be met with a solution. That solution is sitting in silence and waiting for their guidance.

Now you may ask, what do your gifts and your ancestors have to do with this. Well, in order to hear, see, feel, or even smell, you need to understand that, whatever sudden urge, sensation, inkling or vision that you receive was in fact your ancestors! They will communicate in a language that you will comprehend. That includes music lyrics right on time, a scene in a movie on TV, a sudden image in your minds eye or on your phone screen. There is literally no such thing as a coincidence! This path will teach you this! Even the sudden change in the weather, or even the fall of a paper that was on the table is THEM!

Its like feeling them on a cellular level! Being able to feel isn't the curse that some may say it is. People throw the word EMPATH around as if it's "trendy". When in actuality, it's more than that. This isn't an aesthetic! Please understand. There is so much work that needs to be done on your behalf and on the behalf of your ancestors and those that will supersede you; in order to free not just you but the collective! Your ancestors have a story to tell to bring clarity to a situation that held you down for years! You can't have a chance of moving on in life and being prosperous without taking your spiritual path seriously!

I love a beautiful, boho, crystal carrying, evil eye wearing, loc rocking, natural queen but babes.....the aesthetic isn't going to free you from bondage nor will it aid in the work that your ancestors put in to get you here now! Erykah Badu is a vibe but in real life sis is walking the walk and talking that mfkn' talk! I love seeing spiritual beings connecting to their roots! From ATR's to Native American Spirituality and beyond! I love to see people connect to their roots! Its shows how rooted they are in their history and it shows how powerful they can truly be by just relying on their benevolent ancestors for their true power!

As you go on, you will understand that a lot of the things that people put out against you has even less to do with you and more with themselves. You get to a point where you just have to say "Fuck You!", block them and pray for their breakthrough all in one breathe! Understand that anything that you lead with should always be with integrity. If it is't, please understand that you will pay for it, in more ways than one! If you've ever heard of the phrase," the children will pay for the sins of the father" is a true statement!

So, as your fellow tribe member, as a fellow healing being and as a straight up human being, please understand me when I say, give yourself grace! And if you can muster it, please extend that same blessing to those who have done you dirty! Now, when you "Fuck You!", say it with your chest!.... but go in peace, if you ever decide to seek it!....

My goal is for people to see the light and the dark, duality is key to life! There is no life without death, no love without hate, no light without the darkness. You develop character in times of trials. Be cognizant enough to  be diplomatic when need be but don't let a bish play with you! 

On that note, I love you and protect your neck in these spiritual streets!

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