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Spiritual Sit Downs

So I don’t know about you but I am in kahoots with my ancestors (as you will be too, if not already!😉). So much so that when it’s time to sit down, it’s time to sit down! There have been moments in the past where I’ve acted without consulting my ancestors,well, let’s just say….they will let whatever backfires are to come, happen but only to teach me to do better! I’ll share two short stories about it.

Story 1: I was in the ending stages of my 5 year friendship and I was in the beginning stages of my witchy journey. I also was going through other issues as well( My dark night). I decided that I wanted them to suffer emotionally and remain stagnant….🤦🏾‍♀️Little did I know that my spell would back fire and not work for more reasons than one! This is one of the reasons why I would never advise of doing any type of working or spell to anyone without first consulting your ancestors and building a relationship first! I was miserable and stagnant myself because I had some deep shadow work to do in order to not just see how bad they were for me but to also understand my role in the shit show that was my friendship. My pain was amplified by 10 because of my meddling! The hurting lasted 5-6 months and during this time my depression kicked in! I had to get out of my manic overthinking and anger by CHOOSING to surrender and set myself free. I began rigorous, weekly shadow work & divination sessions. This helped me to not just create space for my mental health but to also become more disciplined in my practice. I eventually began to build a relationship with my ancestors and started doing spells for self love and protection! (Highly recommend this route). As for the old friends, I had to take a more well informed route to break the etheric cords that bound us together. Later I found that friendship was a karmic tie, I’ll discuss that at a later date…..

Story 2: I was going through a difficult time in Nov-Dec. My father had just passed, I was dealing with an insurance company from hell and an evil funeral director at the same time! To add to the stress, I needed to open my online shop! At that time, I was getting frustrated because I was trying to be a POA, a daughter, a web designer and a shop owner all at once! My mind,body and spirit was shot to shit and I just couldn’t! I wanted to open up but I wanted it to be “right”. My ancestors literally told me, not now. As much as I tried to fight their guidance, every attempt to get it all up and running failed! My energy to figure out how to open my shop was depleted! My ancestors urged me to handle one thing at a time. I eventually listened. I worked on my shop little by little, dealt with my emotions, family issues and POA business. All of this helped me to prioritize my tasks and heart in a manner that was more efficient. I opened my shop on New Years Day and got my first sale that same day!
Moral of the story: If you feel a nudge of any kind…inkling of anything, listen! Your ancestors will never let you down,just have faith in them and your ability to heal because it’s possible if you’ll allow it…..

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