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Spirituality & Romance

These two things both go hand in hand with each other. I made a video on this about a year ago that is over on my Patreon. When we begin our spiritual journey, we can go through some difficult times such as the dark night which is a complete breakdown of who we were and what we knew to be true and most notable, the loss of relationships, romantic and platonic. 

On this chosen path, we are faced with realizing what we have been ignoring. It can be a difficult pill to swallow when you realize that in each relationship, you never gave yourself the proper time to heal from your old one. Instead, you decided to jump into another relationship so that you don't have to deal with the emotional pain and distress that it left you with. The important thing to realize is that it's never too late to work on yourself.

Once you work on that pain, you are then faced with finding a partner that is on the same level as you, not just in the physical but spiritual. Being yolked equally matters!...Does this person take spiritual practices seriously?, Do they understand the importance of healing?.....Just to name a few questions you should be asking.Most witches tend to use their God/dess given talents of manifestation to attract a desirable counterpart. This is a great idea, I'd highly recommend a good jar spell(not in the yard of someone already taken!😂), candle work, scripting, mojo bag...just to name a few, but most importantly, put yourself out there!

I believe that we have gotten to a point in this society that we go out and put in work to manifest money, new opportunities and the like but when it comes to romance......(we)wait for it to fall in our lap....(throws tomatoes!🍅🥫🍅🥫)If you understand the importance of speaking it, feeling it and going after it, this is definitely a moment that you should also do the same! 

When I say put yourself out there, I mean go to places that you envision your ideal lover going to. No, there are other places outside of clubs!😂 Go to an art gallery, go to a concert, go to a different grocery store! Your next boo is at these places! Be open to new experiences and live life! The art of attracting can be a daunting thing because, in most cases if not all, like attracts like. Make sure you are clear about what you want in a partner and start showing up as that person, the universe blesses consistency, remember that!

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