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Tap In!!!

Have you ever had a synchronistic event happen to you!?! Ill share an experience with you…..So I asked my ancestors for clarity of path in regards to what I was actively trying to manifest. I asked for different signs to show that this is my path. I wrote the request in my ancestor journal, burned some ancestor money and placed a clear quartz on it. Within 24hrs, I got my answer! I stayed open to what they had to show me. As I walked the mall, as I drove I saw different signs and seeing angel numbers! The signs are all around you my love, you need to get tapped in, be patient and be open to what they have to say, they speak to you, you just have to let them lead the way! Your ancestors love you and want you to do what they couldn’t in the physical. Your ancestors are one of your biggest supporters and they don’t play around about you!!

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