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The 80/20 Struggle

I like to use the phrase, the 80/20 struggle to reference the amount of power we have over our own lives. The 80% representing your control and the 20% representing the "acts of god", that occurs on a regular basis.

I now I want you to think about the moments where you let yourself down when you knew whatever goal you had in mind was well within your reach versus external hinderances. If you've ever heard someone speak of you having the same 24 hours as them, this is true.

I believe that when we get into emotional and financial ruts we tend to feel like we are bound to certain circumstances even when the 20% is apparent. I want you to know that regardless of what is going on outside of you externally, you are still in control of the 80% that we sometimes giveaway so easily to people such as our friends, family, coworkers and the like.

One thing I want you to consider is that whatever it is that you are looking to manifest or shift within your life starts with your mindset.....your thought processes. It may sound far-fetched or even crazy but you cannot deny the fact that when you actually put your mind to some thing, magick happens! Think of all of the greatest entrepreneurs out there or even your favorite artist. They had to have an idea within themselves that they wanted to bring into fruition so badly that they had to not only start to change the way that they thought but they also had to change their habits! What are your daily habits? When you wake up do you immediately reach for your phone? Do you get up, use the restroom and take your shower for the day, or do you lay in bed for an additional 20 minutes scrolling through TikTok or even Instagram mindlessly and then begin your day?

Your habits are a clear indicator of what your future will look like! The things that you are doing right now is going to be a direct reflection with in the next six months of those habits!

I recently started reading this book called The Practical Mental Alchemy: The 7 principles. This book is a spin off of The Kybalion or The Three Initiates. This book is essentially something that I practice on a regular basis so I'm already familiar with it so I finished the book rather quickly. This book helped to reinforce my own thought processes as it pertains to shifting my reality. What most people don't understand is that alchemy is apparent in our day-to-day lives! In order for us to even scroll Instagram or TikTok, the person that you're watching had to have an idea in their mind that they wanted to bring into the physical whether it be a tutorial on how to make the best Cajun pasta that would later get them over 1 million views or a video regarding a simple get ready with me or a life in the day. These people had to use alchemy in order to perform these tasks. These people are understanding of the power that they possess, the 80%!

Now let's get into the 20%! The 20% can also be considered acts of God or even the most common phrase, "life be life-ing"! The crazy part about the 20% is that we give it's so much more power over our lives than the full 80% that we have within our own grasp! We tend to become shrouded in shame, guilt, lack, and self doubt. So much so that we kill our own dreams before we even decide to use alchemy to change our own circumstances!

So I challenge you today after reading this blog post to really sit down and write bullet points of things that you feel that you desire most in this life and then in another section write down the things that you believe that you can do to achieve those goals. Be it a simple change in routine or even going after a job position, starting a new career, or honing a current skillset or learning a new one! You need to get into the habit of thinking of new ways to do different things otherwise you'll look up and you'll be 37 or 50 or 60 and filled with so much shame and disappointment within self!

Remember, 80 is much greater than 20!!!!

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