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The Dismantled Woman

You may have heard of all the craziness that has been going on as of late as it pertains to woman's rights over THEIR bodies, women and their dating styles, along with gender roles. Women have been the target for backlash for years. No matter how much women have contributed to the upkeep and maintenance of society. Women have always gotten the short end of the deal.

The one thing to understand is that regardless of the backlash women receive from the world, we always seem to end up doing better than our oppressors, financially, in life and even in business! The wave of entrepreneurs in the world current day is flooded with FEMALE entrepreneurs! Why you ask? It is because no matter how much adversities we face, we always find ways to make the most of a bad situation and rise from the ashes...pure alchemy....dare I say the witches have taken over😂. We have been gifted with the power of resurgence, creativity, resilience, and fighting power. All the while maintaining  our nurturing side with ease. The divine feminine is a force to be reckoned with!

The anguish that is karma that the world is going through is not only the justice of the ancestors but the wrath of the divine feminine as well! Women hold so much power that the need to oppress and control is a necessity! Control the body, the mind will least thats the logic behind it all.

Women regardless of what type of picture the not so divine masculine tries to paint  of us, we still manage to do what ever we want and dare someone to question us.

Now, don't confuse this for hatred of our counterparts, we all have a male in our lives that we love and protect. The world is what is the issue. The nasty narrative that is placed on all women is the problem. The ones that essentially act as if they were reproduced asexually... those people tend to have a tumultuous relationship  with the women in their lives. Women are the back bone to the world, the balance to it all.

So ladies, never be afraid to step into your power, own who you are! Own your sensuality, own your personal style and the you that makes everyone around you love YOU! Because no matter what a podcast loving male will say, YOU my Queen, are the blueprint!

Fix your crown bae😘


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