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The Oracle Is In!

The oracle is in! They have been waiting to show you the way! Have you started your consultation yet? They have been waiting to show you the ropes for so many years. Matter of fact, they were waiting on you since that one time where you knew something wasn't on the up and up, yet you went with the general consensus that was external. There has been many opportunities where we knew exactly how the plays would go and all of the exclusive details yet we denied what we knew to be true!

I'm here to tell you to stop gaslighting yourself and stop being a PONK! Yes, I spelled it how I said it! A PONK! ūüėā You heard what you heard! You know what you know! And more importantly, THEY¬†said what they said! Your ancestors and spirits told me tell you, stop asking them questions when they already told you whats up and they also said, it's cool to get readings here and there when the answer isn't apparent to you for various reasons. More importantly, they want you to embody the essence of what it means to be an oracle, a diviner, a seer! They understand that most gifts are stronger for others but the gifts that your ancestors¬†passed down within your DNA are within you...tap in!¬†

Your spirits are saying, stop moving like you don't know who holds you! That power from that conjuror, that witch, that healer, that practitioner, is in your veins! You hold the key to many things but yet you don't walk in your purpose....why?

They also want you to be mindful of the times when you need to give yourself time to step back and rest! A great oracle knows intuitively when to rest and to reflect. The next move and blessings that you plan to manifest comes to you once you've had that moment to plan and strategize. When you have a solid strategy, you have the opportunity to share your gifts in a way that will be most impactful and render the best results. Patience and grace will see you through, which will start a new cycle for you.....That's what they were saying to you but you couldn't receive that message because you were blocked! Remove that block. That blockage can be fear, it can be self-doubt, it can even be the burden of know what it is oracle!

The first step to becoming a better intuitive is to do shadow work! Understand yourself and who you are on a molecular level. That understanding unlocks more doors than meets the eye! That knowledge helps you to pin point a lot of the "whys" that we all ask ourselves over the course of our stay here in this dimension. that you've received the message, oracle what is your next course of action? Will you go about your day as normal and ignore the facts that they dropped on you in this blog post or will you leave this space as the oracle? The consultation was time THEY will charge you a hefty price. I'll let you in on a little insider information. The next time, the price will be something that will cost you a lot. No, not this man made currency system, something more valuable and intangible. My question to you is, will it be worth it to loose that or would you rather just get aligned?!...... I'd love to answer that question for you but they want you to lean on your own understanding because the universe doesn't produce dummies! Even the ones society deem as ignorant, have more wisdom than most.....

Be Well....

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