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The Power of Alchemy!

I’m not sure if you are an anime fan but one of my favorite shows is fullmetal alchemist. Essentially, the Elrich brothers have the ability to turn anything in their surroundings into whatever they desire with the clap of their hands! It sounds like a fantasy but,when you think about it, in tarot, the Magician is a card about a person that has everything they need in their grasp already, they just need to be cunning like the 7 of swords to turn their reality into whatever they want! That ability can be hard to master especially when unfortunate events befall you. One thing that remains consistent in my story is that even though life is hard as hell,you have the opportunity to make a choice,you can either let the difficult moments consume your waking moments and live in a dark cloud OR you can let those emotions pass through you with grace and delicacy and rise up! All energy is energy! If you can transmute energy, you’re a bad……😎One thing to keep in mind is to rest and give yourself time! You can’t go hard in the paint without it! When you’ve had enough rest, turn that sadness,that anger,that denial into WINS for yourself!
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