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The Same 24hrs...How is Your Time Being Managed?


GET👏🏾TO👏🏾WORK👏🏾!! Why are you looking at your neighbors progress and letting yours fall by the wayside?! As social media gained popularity over the years, it has changed the way we connect with everyone and how we market our businesses.To think, it all started with MySpace!....Just imagine if Tom was so concerned with what the people at Tagged were doing, he never would've taken his company to the next level! I don't know about you but MySpace inadvertently taught us millennials how to code(No one couldn't tell me my Soulja Boi layout wasn't it!)....Social Media is amazing but as I scroll through occasionally, I see people comparing themselves, their vision and their talents to other people, why?

God gave us all the same 24hrs to get to work! What you do with yours isn't your neighbors business! What you do with your business won't pay their bills! Why get mad at your neighbor and their success if you're putting in part-time energy into a full-time 24/7 vision?!...The math isn't mathing! The saddest part of all this is when someone that shares the same background that you do, you DON'T see that that's a win for everyone! The madness has to stop somewhere! A smart entrepreneur "takes notes AND makes quotes"-rapper Fabolous, song-cold summer(thank me later).

Another unfortunate thing I'm seeing is people aren't acting on the vision that spirit places on their minds. Did you know that when you take too long to act on a vision or don't take it seriously, spirit will give it to someone else that will execute? Stop getting mad at your neighbor for ideas that you brushed off and blame them for stealing ideas.....Am I triggering you?...GOOD! Also lets not forget that the world is full of creatives just like you, ever walk into the store and see the same 200 loaves of bread but none of them are the same?.....

......And another thing!....STOP JACKING FOLKS STYLE! Originality and authenticity will get you sooooooo much further than a lie! It's perfectly fine to study how someone executes and analyze to figure where you'd fit in in the market, but no fraudulent activities! ......This Mars energy got me on a roll, don't mind me. If you're channeling your 1999 Kelis energy, vent below👇🏾

Thank you for coming to my TED TALK.....




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