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The Solar Systems In Retrograde!

So as you already know, the planets have already gone retro! Not just Mercury this go round. At this time Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus,Neptune AND Pluto said "hold my beer!" You want to ensure that your frontals are glued down 1000%, your car had that tune up, your block list should be on thick like your pockets and keep your doors LOCKED! Its not safe outside!.......(😂) In all seriousness, I can attest to the fact that this retrograde feels so much more different for me compared to all others. This retrograde highlighted so many things that wanted to creep its ugly way back in, I'll be honest, I almost got swept away! In those moments, I encourage you to center yourself! SO! Here are 7 ways I recommend for you to keep you on your square during this time!

  1. Protection rituals: Bath or candle....pick your poison! Your energy is the most appealing thing to the vampires that buzzing your line!
  2. Give yourself time and take it slow!: I was never one for the rush of it all. It will get done in its own time. If you need to be somewhere, treat it like daylight savings time, and give yourself at least an hour in advance to get to your destination safely.
  3. Meditate: People are on 10 in these streets! They want your energy to feed upon, keep your mind and aura clean and clear of the bs by holding space for yourself!
  4. Keep "that thang(crystals)" on you: Crystals attuned to your energy with a purpose helps to combat the energies and keep you protected.
  5. Intention Oils: Oils on your key areas such as your crown, hands, feet and the back of your neck, which are places of entry, help to protect you.
  6. Dancing to Music: Throwing it in a circle helps to release tension in your  hips, releases serotonin in the brain and ultimately raises the vibration which is the enemy of low vibing creatures.

      7. Lastly, DND: Your phone is a portal! Remember to place that EMF emitting              device on selenite or black tourmaline and put it on Do Not Disturb so that              you can focus on yourself and your peace!

I hope these tips help you get through because babes, we will be on this rollercoaster until October 1st! Let me know below any tips that you've used to help you below👇🏾

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