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Utilizing Your Resources: Witchy Edition

Using what is accessible to you at the moment is what makes you able to adapt to different situations and it teaches you how to be resourceful. When you are a practicing your craft, sometimes you may not have the information or teacher that you want readily available. I will go over  some top ways to become more resourceful until you are ready to commit to a teacher!

1.) Curate Your Timeline: Social media can be a great resource for learning spirituality BUT you have to be mindful of WHO you follow. Surround yourself with people that are aligned with your practice that make you feel good and teach you something valuable. So unfollow people that make you feel bad about what you have or have drama every other day. Remember, people lie on social media.Their real life doesn't always reflect their day to day.

2.) Books: Books are a great starting point when it comes to learning about spirituality. There are so many resources available at your disposal. Remember, you can visit our book shelf here at moonstoneenergy.com, Amazon or your public library. You can never go wrong with e-books, audiobooks or physical books!

3.) Spirit: Your spiritual team is just a request away! They can be very pivotal in your practice. They have the ability to lead you to who you need to meet or what direction you will go in your journey. Never underestimate a conversation with them. Getting a journal for spirit communication is a great start with a piece of clear quartz.

4.) Creator Based Sites: Whether you want to join your favorite creators discord, patreon or blog, sign up! These types of places are made to educate, create community and empower....just like the gifted academy! You have the opportunity to have easier access to your favorite creator and you have the ability to connect to more like minded people.

5.) Mentorship: When you are ready, the teacher will appear! Remember to always allow spirit to lead you when it comes to having a mentor. Sometimes people are more money hungry than they are to genuinely teach you something of substance and value! Always read reviews and trust your intuition. When you find the right one, it will be a great experience and can push you even further. Sometimes, having a teacher can help you learn somethings that aren't located in books!

I hope this helps you along the way! Feel free to utilize my blog, social medias and creator sites! I like to be of service and teach what I've learned thus far and if I don't know the answer, I'm 1000% comfortable with finding it!

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