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What is Moonstone Energy and what is a Moon🌙Bae?

This post is right on time after a much needed break! I needed time to refresh my mind, get centered and plan for the future! I hope that you were able to participate with us on this journey, it definitely put things into perspective for the both of us! If you weren't able to, listen, there is no time like the present!
While away, it made me think about what my company means, it mission, values,purpose and most importantly what is a moon🌙bae!?.........
Moonstone Energy was created out of necessity. It was created to hold a space for myself to live in my truth along with connecting with other like-minded individuals. It was founded on the the principle of living authentically and self expression. It started off as just an instagram page but expanded to so much more. Its core mission is to aid other like minded individuals with discovering who they are on a spiritual level and to awaken a passion within themselves to explore uncharted territory.
I affectionately call all of our supporters "Moon🌙Bae", simply because these group of people, know who they are or know who they are striving to become. These people understand that in order to live authentically, you must understand that shadow work and ancestral veneration is a practice that will set you free. Like the moon, all shadows that are casted, have a back story and those stories deserve to be heard. To understand your shadow is to live freely! Our supporters are intuitive beings that have listened to their own internal compass and do not seek outside approval!
So if you are a supporter of this brand, to be a Moon🌙Bae is a badge of honor! You have truly found your tribe and I am thrilled to be apart of something so amazing! Divine timing and alignment at its finest!✨
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