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Whats for You, Will Never Miss You!!

I have a brief story time: so an old acquaintance of mine wanted to get married.The person that they were dating at the time they wanted to apply pressure on them so that they can propose and move forward with getting married. She had other reasons as to why she wanted to get married in such a haste but one of her main reasons was because she felt that she needed to be married by the age of 30 and have everything including the house of her dreams. 

At the time I didn't really think about it but I did think to myself why do you put so many limitations on yourself as to when you're supposed to have something done? Who told you that you had to have everything done by certain age? In the society that we live in we put so many constraints and limitations on things that can only happen when flow happens. Such as marriage, a career, a home, etc. Society is already lost, why follow the sheep?

When you allow flow to happen, that's when divine timing and divine alignment comes into play. When you follow what everyone else is doing and how everyone else is doing things, that's when you get what you asked for but not in the package that you thought you would get it in! It's always important to understand what it takes to receive what you're asking for! No one writes the playbook on how your life is going to be but you! You are the co-creator! With anything that happens, you need to prepare for what is required to accept such abundance and prosperity.

Like when prepping for a specific ritual, you prepare your space to not just clear out any stagnancy but to prepare your mind and to allow spirit to enter to aid in your manifestations, it pops every time! Same thing with this situation, if this person had allowed the universe to guide them, do the shadow work required and let flow happen, the sky would be the limit. Never put unrealistic pressures on yourself. You never know who is fake pumping on social media.....

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