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Working Your Magick On A Budget

The most common misconception is that you have to buy these elaborate materials and candles from your favorite metaphysical store each time you need to work your magick. Granted, I'm all for shopping with your favs! Sometimes, that's not feasible for several reasons such as shipping times, the timing in which you need them and much more. Life be life-ing...I get it. Below are a few ways to for you to make some stuff shake while using what you have, even if its not much:

Your Local Spanish Supermarket:

If you live in the Midwest, Tony's Fresh Market is the plug! An honorable mention would be Pete's Produce! They have it all! You can only find so much going to "major" chain stores. The diversity in stores such as these allows you to not only find the herbs that you need but you also will find an occasional candle!

The Government:

With the current economical climate, it has left some relying on Government assistance programs. Don't let your temporary circumstances keep you from conjuring a new reality! That EatBetterToday card can be put to good use! Get all the herbs you need with it!

Your Kitchen Cabinet:

If you can't get it in the stores, have you checked your cabinet? Our foremothers made do with what was inside of the home and made magick happen! Check your cabinets sis!

Nature Hunt:

Sometimes you have to just get in the field baby! Go outside and pay those spirits! Need something for a strong consistent work ethic or even for aggressive protection(offensively)?.....go grab an abandoned wasps nest, or even scoop up a wasp if you're bad enough!

That Tree With Dollars On It:

😂 So many people were upset at how the dollar tree went up 25 cent, rightfully so but don't let that extra quarter keep you from getting your metaphysical needs met! They have candles, incense and even Spanish Moss(for binding). Fill up that basket boo!

Now that I have given you tips to making it happen in between your shipment refills, there literally is NO excuse for you not to be changing your circumstances!

Just as a heads up, I talk about his subject and SOOOO much more in my upcoming book, The Roots That Ground Us. Make sure to join the mailing list if you haven't already and keep an eye out on exclusive updates and a release date/pre-order!!! luh ya bye❤️👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾


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