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The 4 Queens Bath Salts

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"When taking a spiritual bath, you are bathing in those intentions and you are living in that petition which means you are spiritually and physically embodying what you are divinely destined to do." - My Ancestors

Spiritual bathing is essential to spiritual maintenance! It not only cleanses the aura but it aids in manifesting intentions, attracting your deepest desires and protecting you! Our "The 4 Queens" bath salts are divinely blessed and curated to aid in:

* Building confidence and self worth

* Taking authority

* Owning your power

* Mastering difficult situations and emotions

* Attracting attention of others

* Mastery of self

* Developing the "Gift of Gab"

* Honing the energy of all 4 Queens of the tarot. From the Queen of Pentacles to the Queen of Swords; with all  of the 4 Queens combined, it places you in your Empress Energy!!


*Ritual Bath best performed on Tuesdays or during the Waxing Moons(crescent/gibbous). See Blog for full instructions. Bath is good for up to 2 uses.

* Bath salts are best used in conjunction with regular self-care practices such as therapy, journaling, showing up for one's self regularly and self love work. When you do the work, the results speaks for itself! By no means is this a substitution for medical care.

*For external use only, if irritation starts, discontinue use. Moonstone Energy is not responsible for allergic reactions.Please read ingredients.



Herbal blend includes  along with various other herbs, pink himalayan salt, epsom salt, various oils and light fragrances.

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