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Crystal Vision Bracelet

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This bracelet was made with the intention to enhance all of your Clairs times 10! This beaded bracelet consists of Celestite beads, Gold plated Hematite Beads and a Herkimer diamond! If you are an intuitive being, want to enhance your abilities of foresight or just want a nice ass bracelet, this is for you! Please note size inside of order notes inside of the cart prior to checkout.




Herkimer Diamond:

*Helps to remove blockages

*Clears out stagnant negative energy

*Assists with astral traveling and helps to connect you to spirit.

*Helps you to tap into ALL of your Clairs, invites you to lean into past life information

*Connects to the divine and can create dimensional door ways

*Extreme amplifying powers 


*Promotes inner peace, mental clarity and elevating the spirit

*Connects with the angelic realms and your higher purpose

* Aids in finding your spirit guide(s)

* Promotes the deepest form of intuition and infinite wisdom

*Nurtures your spiritual development

*Taps into your psychic abilities and hidden powers


*Connected to the Root Chakra and the Solar Plexus Chakra

*Aids with your confidence, belief in self, and feelings of security

*Helps to make decisions that are in complete alignment with your soul

* Creates balance