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Debunking Spirituality Masterclass

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Welcome to Moonstone Energy Coven, where the arcane meets the extraordinary. As a privileged member, embark on a transformative journey through the realms of magick and ritual. Our meticulously curated masterclasses will offer a profound exploration into various magickal practices!

Inside of the "Debunking Spirituality Masterclass" you will rediscover your spiritual purpose in this masterclass. Within the spiritual community, we are told how to do many things based on the opinion of others, which has begun to mirror the pulse of a church congregation!

We will cover:

*Ethical Relativism & Cognitive Dissonance

*The Spiritual Abuse Funnel

*Religious & Spiritual Cults

*Tenets of Mental Bondage

*The Proverbs 31 Woman & the “Manly” Man

*Spiritual Commerce & The Prosperity Preacher Man

*Dark Psychology & Spiritual Conversion

*Religious Politic’n

*Embodying Lilith & Disgracing Eve

*The Tree of Knowledge, Religious Tension & Confusion

*And Much More!

Important: Class Starts Mid- March, Tickets Available Now! Only 10 slots are available! Given the nature of this course, access is limited to 1 year. Please work your magick & study with intention. Courses are accessible via upon a confirmed order. 

*(Save annually on all 12 NEW masterclasses by enrolling into M.E. Coven(Members Only) via Patreon!)

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