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Hoodoo Divination Course

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Are you an intuitive that would like to understand how to divine using playing cards? If so, this hoodoo divination course is for you! This is a course that helps you to connect you with your rich African lineage, understand how to divine intuitively, get a better sense of self,AND innerstand your birth right as told by our ancestors! We will meet for 4 weeks. This is a fast pace course that requires your dedication, time and discipline so that you may receive everything that you are looking to get! 

Materials for the course include:

*The Crossroads Bath

*Journal w/ pen

*Playing Cards 

*Divine Spirit Connection & One White Candle

*Selenite wand

*Cards, Conjure and Wisdom E-book

*Florida Water

*Ancestor Money

*Frankincense & Myrrh Incense

Links and info will be sent via email. See you there! 


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Currently in week 1 and so far I'm enjoying it. It's a lot to learn but I like the ability to take my time. There's no rushing nor is it overwhelming.