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The Oddly Intuitive Tarot Journal

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To be a great intuitive reader, one must be disciplined and practice. Even if you only want to read exclusively for yourself, this journal was created to assist with trusting what spirit says and trusting your inner knowing. The Oddly Intuitive Tarot Journal was revamped with a nice, glossy cover and is easy to read with straight to the point tips that makes learning a breeze!

This journal also includes :

*Tips and tricks to reading tarot or oracle


*Shadow Work Prompts

*Card Interpretations of all 78 cards

*Additional space for journaling after each reading

*228 Pages of beautiful & vibrant artwork to keep you engaged 

*Explanation on the major vs. minor arcana and so much more…….

*E-Book version sent via a download after checkout*

*IMPORTANT!: For the paperback version, please allow up to 2-3 weeks for delivery as this is a print-on-demand service and is the current timeframe of the publisher! This timeframe will be updated periodically if anything changes*

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Customer Reviews

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The journal is cute! Its spacious and there was some information that I didn't know about tarot. The puzzles were fun and still working on one of them. Its bright, fun and easy going to use.