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MEU: The Ultimate Entrepreneur Bundle

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If you ever wanted to start your business but didn't know where to start, this is for you! This is a step by step online class setting to show you how to get your manifestation up and running within 72 hrs!* The best part is, all materials are on your schedule. This was curated for budding and current entrepreneurs that want to take control of their legacy! You will learn things such as:

*Web Design

*How to use Adobe for Business on the Go 

*Mentorship (60 minutes)

*Essential Business Tools

*Building Community

*Social Media Marketing


*Business Protection

*Buyers Psychology

*2 E-books

*Market Research & much more

*All students will receive a 8 figure playbook with a pen.

*Upon completion, you have the option to subscribe to "The Lecture Hall" via the Geneva app to continue the added support.


*All Course materials will be available via Link provided after purchase via email, you will also be added to the student roster.

*Timeframe for being up & running depends on if you are picture ready

*Important: Access to courses will expire after 3 months from the date of purchase! Please work with intention and ask questions!

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